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The End

Posted by stonecutters on September 18, 2008


66 Responses to “The End”

  1. anonymouscutterfan said

    So I take it there is no game Saturday? Or is there still a game, but we have already thrown in the towel?

  2. gcooper5 said

    Not sure who this is, but last I checked there was still a game on Saturday. Not sure why the white flag’s being waved already but I’m not down with that at all.

  3. stonecutters said

    Throw in the towel??? Do we have any other choice when 6 of our 13 roster players have indicated that they cannot be there on Saturday? If you have any ideas, anonymous fan, please let me know…

  4. semperfi7 said

    Scott, there is a good chance that i can make it on sat. Our formation is scheduled to be done by 1800. And since i would gain an hour coming back, it would put me at the field around 1830. I say we get everyone there and play this game and move on to our next series.

  5. stonecutters said

    That’s awesome Semper Fi, but you would only give us 8. It’s awesome that you would hurry home from your MILITARY DUTY but we’ve got guys who can’t miss a wedding.

  6. gcooper5 said

    I’m gonna be honest. I can’t believe these people that have prior engagements are catching so much shit for it. I’m gonna take a big chance at isolating myself here but I think that’s pretty shady to call them out for that. It’s not their fault that our playoff schedule’s given to us 5 days in advance. Give the guys a break, you know just as well as I do that they want to be there or else they wouldn’t have paid the money to be in the league in the first place. I’m sure being at a wedding is not their first choice but sometimes, unfortunately shit works out that way. I think when a supposed “leader” of our team can’t even show up to an important playoff game and then says he’s not gonna be at the decisive game when he’s supposedly such an integral part of our team, I put more of a burden on that person’s shoulders than the other guys. Maybe if he shows up he should sit out too.

  7. gcooper5 said

    I’m not trying to get into a war of words with anyone, but it’s obvious that these guys feel bad that they can’t make the game. God knows when I couldn’t even play a little while back, I hated not being able to play that game. If we can somehow get 9 guys, we need to go out there, kick some ass and move on. It’s pointless to have hard feelings towards guys that can’t make it because of something they’ve probably had planned since June or July, shit happens. Let’s win this game for them and move on so they can help us win the championship, isn’t that what it’s all about anyways? We all need to get some perspective here.

  8. stonecutters said

    Coop, I appreciate what you are saying and think it’s cool that you are sticking up for the other guys. I’m not meaning to signal anyone out or be a jerk about all of this. But I just was really struck by the fact that when it was made clear that our season would end on a forfeit, none of the guys spoke up and said hey, if it looks like we’re not going to have enough, I’ll see if I can make it there. Nobody said anything. I guess it bothers Ryan and I so much because of all the sacrifices we make for this team. I work two jobs, get little to no sleep on the weekends, and plan my visitation with my son around our league. I regularly give up time with him to play in our games. Ryan is married and has a young daughter he gives up time with to play. I understand that shit comes up and that our schedule is often made on short notice. If I had a friend getting married, I’d probably skip a game, too. But I would definitely not skip the game if my presence was the difference between playing the game with a chance to get to the championship and ending the season in a forfeit.

  9. the1xwife said

    Being the first ex-wife of Scott and his “Baby’s Momma,” I can concur that he does give up time with our son for this league. He has been criticized by me a couple of times for his devotion to the team…so I know how important this game is to him. So….as far as the baby’s momma is concerned…it is easier to plan my weekends with this being over. But, I did want you all to know that this team means a lot to Scott….and I have adjusted my “free-time” as well, so that Scott could for sure be playing in your games. But, I do realize people have lives and need to live them. Enjoy your Saturday guys….it is a beautiful day out! And…Scott can enjoy some extra time with his wonderful and smart son! (He really is….it isn’t just his mom saying that!)

  10. tonyhurricane said

    not to be a jerk, but I would miss a wedding of a friend to play in any game let alone a playoff game….. unless it was my brother or sister or I was standing in it, in that case I would be late to the game. I already past up a trip to Vegas, a camping trip, and I might not to get to go to mexico if we make the championship. It’s all about how bad you want it and how much your willing to give up to get it. I drove 6 hours to play in one of our games and then drove 6 hours back after, and I’ll tell you in my mind it was well worth it.

  11. tonyhurricane said

    One more thing. I hope you guys find enough players because ending the season on a forfeit would suck. goodluck

  12. tonyhurricane said

    and if it makes you guys feel better we just got put out of the tournment too. Just lost 6-4 in our second loss

  13. stonecutters said

    Well, it’s 9 pm on Saturday night. We SHOULD be on the field at the Sportsplex, celebrating out series win and trip to the finals to take on the victorious Barracudas. Instead, our season is over, and Captain Lytle and I are sitting here at the Stonecutter World Headquarters, reminiscing about what could have been. Last year, we took a team of suspect, rag-tag talent on an improbable 10 game winning streak that culminated in a trip to the championship game. This year, we upgraded the team at every position. Our pitching was better. Our defense was better. Out hitting was better. But apparently, something was missing. We went out there and had some fun, I won’t argue that. But more often than not, we went out there and got our collective asses handed to us, and it didn’t feel right. I’ll never know the reasons why this team, with a great deal more talent than last year, came out and fell flat over and over again. Congratulations to the Performance Enhancers and the Barracudas. They had something we didn’t.

  14. bigworm63 said

    I heard the ‘Cudas wouldn’t mind having Scott and some others if there is no Stonecutters next year. We’re- I mean they’re losing a damn good pitcher and will really need another one to replace him.

  15. Sean Hewlett said

    As Scott’s third ex-wife… I mean, long-time friend, I hate to see his baseball career end with a nongame.

  16. Sean Hewlett said

    And I too would miss the wedding of a friend if I had a game… or any other possible excuse.

  17. stonecutters said

    Just to clarify, was that an attempt by the Barracudas to recruit the Scott Harris?

  18. bigworm63 said

    Uh, no comment. Unless Stonecutters is Scott. Then, probably.

  19. dtitus1304 said

    Since wives are submitting comments, then I will too. This is Dan Titus’s wife and I just want to say that Dan Titus has the biggest penis I have ever seen. Just look at him in his baseball pants. . . .you all thought he was wearing a cup. Nope! He just has a big cock-and-balls. He also has a fine ass too.
    Even though Dan had probably the crappiest season of his long (and I do mean long) career, he still had a great time playing with the Stonecutters and is still the best lover. . . . . .ever!

  20. stonecutters said

    Thanks, Mrs. T. Now first of all, please notice that it was an EX-wife, not a current wife, that sumbitted a comment. We don’t want any readers out there getting confused and thinking that Stonecutter captain Scott Harris is off the market once again. Don’t be alarmed, ladies…he’s still out there.

    And thanks, as well, Mrs. Titus, for the intimate details of your husband’s anatomy. But you must understand, in the past 6 months, we have all bonded very closely with your husband. That’s just part of the process of being teammates. So it would be silly to think that the details you so graciously passed on to us were not common knowledge to all members of the Stonecutter organization. I suggest to you that you attend the Stonecutter team party (date/time to be decided) with your well endowed husband. You will get an upclose look at the bonding process in action. Can’t wait to see you there.

  21. dtitus1304 said

    I would just like to thank my wife for putting things so eloquently in her last post. She is so right!
    I would also like to thank Cooper for standing up for all of the wedding bandits on our team because I am one of them. I am not posting to defend myself but am here to let you know my point of view on the whole situation.

    The wedding was for a very good friend of mine. The wedding was planned months ago (before the season even started). I had already made a commitment to him that I was going to go. I love the game of baseball I enjoyed my time with the Stonecutters. It has been the most fun I have had with a team since I have been in this league, but my friends and family come before my liesure activities. And that is exactly how I view it. . .a liesure activity. There is no cash prize, no pro scouts coming to watch, or trophy, or t-shirt, or even your name in the paper if you win the championship. This is a parks deptartment league which is here for fun. I come out to have fun and try to help the team as much as possible because I love the game. In years past I used to think that winning was everything. I would get pissed when we would lose (all the time with the Cubs). Not anymore. I try not to take it too serious because if you do, the fun goes away. I met some great people this year and I am glad for it, but winning wasn’t ever the reason I was coming out to play. I just wanted to relax and have some fun.

    I am not saying that this is how Scott or Ryan should view it. I am not saying that I am right or wrong. I am just saying that this was my thought process and the reason I decided I could not go to the last game. I will never give up trips to Vegas or Mexico or time with my family and friends for a game with no meaning. Would I try to adjust my schedule to make the games and practices?. . .of course I would. I have done that all year. But I can’t change a wedding that is not my own that was planned before the season started. I hope that you guys understand and thanks for letting me strike out so much. . . . . . .uh. . . .I mean be on the team this year.

  22. dtitus1304 said

    And by the way, my wife will not be attending the party because I have seen the incestuous digusting activities that go on at these Stonecutter parties. My wife will not partake in any of those disgusting activities. But count me in!!!!! Yeah Baby!

  23. mcspeichert said

    I have given everything to this team all year. I’ve changed plans played through pain and givin 110% every game, and I can not believe that people are actually taking me to task about the fact that someone could have the audacity to miss a ROY HOBBS league baseball game instead of standing up in one of there best friends weddings. The wedding has been planned for one year, the game 4 days. Be mad at the league for not asking if that day was good for both teams. And back to my friends WEDDING, if you can honestly say you would miss that for a small baseball laegue game than I must say thank goodness I dont have you as a friend. I can’t believe you actually think its alright. Maybe I’m different, but if you friend is getting married you do drop everything to be there for that person. I dont know the circumstances of everyone else missing, but maybe you should see the our side. I had a great time playing for the stonecutters and I wish it did not have to end this way. I would have liked to play some more since its my final full season.

  24. stonecutters said

    For the second time (the first being prior to this season), this website was the victim of some internet vandalism by a pissed off former Stonecutter, his panties in a bunch over not being invited back to play with the team this year. Again, his comments were removed as they didn’t add anything to the website. I don’t mind a bit of good hearted trash talking on here; I’ve allowed plenty of it in the past. My basic policy for anything of that nature is to allow any type of trash talking comments, given that the author of the comments would have the balls to say what he or she has posted to my face. Now with the author of these particular comments, we know that isn’t true at all. He was invited to come say what he had to say to me and Ryan in person this spring, and lo and behold, we never saw nor heard from him again.

    So now, I’ll speak directly to you…the invitation is still there. Come on down and tell us how you really feel. You know where I live, you’re welcome to stop by any time. I’d love to hear what you have to say. I know you are butt hurt because you didn’t get a chance to play on the team this year. We thought about inviting you back to play a couple of times when we were short…but then remembered we’d rather have a sub who could actually complete a throw from second base to first base without looking like an eight year old girl. And we try not to have any douchebags on the team if we can avoid it. Last year we could not avoid it, because we didn’t know you prior to the season. Let me give you a couple of tips, too: when you are trying to insult some one and call them a moron, it’s probably in your best interest to make sure you don’t do anything to come off as a moron, specifically mispelling common words that any elementary school student has mastered. Telling someone that they are “truley a moron” really doesn’t pack much of a punch, now does it?

    Anyway, see you soon, pal.

  25. stonecutters said

    Spike…let me apologize. You shouldn’t be lumped in with the other guys, and I should have clarified that. You were standing in your best friend’s wedding, a circumstance that of course trumps a baseball game. I wasn’t trying to belittle your excuse at all. My main disappointment was that given the fact that we faced forfeiting our final game, no one else gave any indication that they would make an effort to be there. Again I apologize for not being more clear on that earlier.

  26. dtitus1304 said

    Since Spike is not lumped in withthe other guys, am I lumped in with the other guys or am I still an asshole for missing?

  27. dtitus1304 said

    Since Spike is not lumped in with the other guys, am I lumped in with the other guys or am I still an asshole for missing?

  28. stonecutters said

    We will be deciding that on a case by case basis. Please submit your reason for missing the game in writing to me. You will have your decision in 6-8 weeks.

  29. dtitus1304 said

    At a wedding reception, there are several hot women with short skirts and low cut dresses. As the night progresses, the women get more and more drunk. The linear relationship between time spent at a wedding and the severity of drunk females dramitically increases my chances of being flirted with. Compare that to a baseball game with several men, who are not allowed to drink and form of alchohol on the field thanks to the Stonecutters, and no female participation. Though there are several people in tight pants and lots of butt slapping, it is not the type of patting and clothing that a heterosexual man would crave. Therefore, one can simply derive at the conclusion that a wedding with drunk females and tight clothes is much more appealing than a baseball game. . . . . . .oh. . . . . .and it was planned 6 months ago, long before the playoff schedule came out.

  30. semperfi7 said

    hey there dan, you bring up some really good points… but, you seriously need to quit pretending that you would rather hang around a bunch of hot, drunk females than look at my tight, toned, ass. i mean, come on, who are you trying to kid? and why is it that every single time that i slap you on the ass you immediatly get a chub?

  31. tonyhurricane said

    Hey guys this is Tony from the hurricanes again…. I was just thinking since we both have to buy tickets to the championship game I thought we might car pool??? I also heard this rumor that you guys are not coming back next year! I know next year is a long way away and a lot can happen but I hope you guys come up with a team. It’s always fun playing you guys. Spike I hope this is not your last year… your a local legend in the roy hobbs baseball league!!! Hope to see some of you guys at the game I’ll be the on in my street clothes sitting in the stands

  32. tonyhurricane said

    oh yea and I thought I seen dan titus looking at my ass when I was up to bat.

  33. dtitus1304 said

    Why do you think I became a catcher. . . . . . .everyone’s ass and chub at eye level when I squat down . . . . .hello??!

    I think Tony is recruiting Spike aka “Sugar Tits”. Spike, if you log in please explain to everyone how you got your nickname.

  34. semperfi7 said

    yes please do share that story of how you got the name “sugar tits” for the few readers out there who might not have heard it. and for those of us who have, well, it just never gets old. “cause you gotta have Faith” ha ha

  35. dtitus1304 said

    LOL!! Semper FI!!

  36. gbrandush said

    I came to the party too late and missed all of the exciting banter…regardless, the picture accompanying the vitriol spewed back and forth above is one of the saddest pictures I have ever seen. Though I was only a stonecutter for one glorious day (which ended with an tragic ass-kicking) you have a great team. It saddens me that it has come to an end.

  37. mufftember666 said


  38. bigworm63 said

    The Barracudas brought it home in a sweep 6-1 on Sun.

  39. Sean Hewlett said

    Hey, Ryan… Let me know if people in your sewing class need nicknames. I can suggest a few dozen.

  40. gcooper5 said

    Anyone going to attend the Twins playoff rally in Daley Plaza tonite after they beat the White Sox before they leave for Tampa? Just wondering… GO CUBS!!!

  41. dtitus1304 said

    Will you post an apology when the Cubs lose in th first round?

  42. tonyhurricane said

    man I like dan titus more everyday. That balckout was one hell of a game.

  43. dtitus1304 said

    Where is the Dodgers playoff rally?

  44. semperfi7 said

    97-64. +184 diff.

  45. dtitus1304 said

    Sing with me now!

    Choke Cubs choke
    Choke Cubs choke

    The Cubs they are a bunch of queers
    The Cubs sure choked again this year

    Choke Cubs choke
    Choke Cubs choke

  46. semperfi7 said

    thats ok, the sox wont make it out of this series.

  47. stonecutters said

    Already the Cubs fans have their comebacks for the Sox fans. Sure, the Sox might not make it out of this series. But was their a book about the 2008 Sox season called “This IS the Year”? Oh wait, that was about the Cubs. The Sox weren’t expected to even finish in the top three in their division, while we’ve heard all season long about how the Cubs are the best team in baseball. The 2008 season will go down as the year the Sox overachieved and won the division, and yet another year where the Cubs squandered a great opportunity and choked their title hopes away.

  48. semperfi7 said

    at least everyone knows the cubs are the better team. choke or not, we put together a hell of a season and made all of america take notice. so we got swept in an important series, it happens. i know all the sox fans are gonna talk shit saying how we (cub fans) said that this was our year, but bottom line, the cubs are still a better team than the sox.

  49. dtitus1304 said

    You are right. The Cubs are a better team. The Cubs proved that they were a better team by winning the season series against the Sox. . . . .oh wait. . . . .they didn’t. They tied. Well, the Cubs proved that they were better by winning their division. . .. . .oh wait. . . . .the Sox won their division too. Well, the Cubs proved that they were better by making it to the playoffs. . . . .oh wait.. . . . .the Sox made it to the playoffs too. Well, the Cubs proved that they were a better team by winning a playoff game. . . . . .oh wait. . . . .the Cubs didn’t win a playoff game. . . .the Sox did.
    Who cares who is better. If your not first, your last.

  50. semperfi7 said

    knock it off mike, i know where you live.

    ps: cubs are better.

  51. gcooper5 said

    Come on Semper Fi, let’s give our Sox fan buddies credit. It’s been almost a week now and they haven’t used the typical, “Well we won in 2005” line like all Sox fans do. I’m sure it’ll be said soon enough tho, that’s all they have.

    Cubs Fan: Hey buddy, I just got promoted!!
    Sox Fan: Oh yeah? Well we won in 2005!!

    Cubs Fan: You should come check out my new car that I bought.
    Sox Fan: Yeah that’s awesome, but we won in 2005!!

    Cubs Fan: Hey, Merry Christmas Buddy.
    Sox Fan: We won in 2005!!! And I just took my shirt off with my son and went and beat up a 1st base coach!!! I’m so classy!!!

  52. semperfi7 said

    LOL Coop!

  53. gcooper5 said

    And to respond to all the comments about the Cubs choking…. Yeah I’ll be the first person to tell you they totally sucked ass in the playoffs. But I have to say I’d much rather be a fan of a team whose playoff loss is a choke rather than a fan of a team that has no hope or expectations…. man that sounds fun. Considering almost my whole life has been spent being the fan of a team who’s played bad more than they’ve played good, it’s much better being in the position to have a team with high expectations, even if they do end up blowing it once.

  54. dtitus1304 said

    I am the opposite. I would rather be a fan of a team who exceeds my expectations rather than a team who lets me down year after year. Coop, you know me.. I am not a Cub hater. I do like the Sox over the Cubs though.
    Fore the record, the Cubs have blown it more than once though. I also think it is perfectly acceptable for Sox fans to say “we won it in 2005.” Cubs fans would be saying it too . . . . .and to think about it, saying “we won it in 1908” doesnt have the same punch to it.

    Sox fan: We won in 2005!!! And I just took my shirt off with my son and went and beat up a 1st base coach!!! I’m so classy!!!

    Cubs fan: We get drunk in the bleachers and throw shit on to the field when we don’t like how our team plays. We don’t watch the game either. It is just cool to be at Wrigley on our cell phone.

  55. dtitus1304 said

    When is the party?

  56. gcooper5 said

    So is this post officially dead or what?

  57. tonyhurricane said

    goonies never say die!!!

  58. tonyhurricane said

    hello! Anyone still read this?

  59. tonyhurricane said

    sooooo you guys getting a team this year???? coaches meeting ie Wed.

  60. mikereiser said

    Pull it together guys. You guys are to good to end your Stone Cutters run this way. If not Scott than someone else should try to put Something together. Greg Cooper nad Brandon Norris Are looking for players to Start a team. If you wanna play baseball this summer you should get ahold of them to combine what you have or join up. Also the league is taking apps to be placed on teams the # is 661 2271.

  61. mikereiser said

    Also the Money is Due April 5th. It is still 160 a player 125 if you live in city limits. Make it happen

  62. stonecutters said

    Ryan and I announced to the rest of the Stonecutters on August 2nd that we would no longer be having a team this year, giving the rest of the guys 7+ months now to put a team together if they so desired. This is a team that had trouble consistently getting 9 guys to the field for a game, and forfeited its final playoff game as well, so the lack of action really isn’t surprising. Several guys said at that time that they hadn’t intended on playing any more even if we did have a team, so again, it comes as no surprise to me that nothing further has happened.

    I played in this league for 5 years, and for the most part it was a pretty good time. But last season, it got to be more of a hassle than it was a good time, and that more than anything was a big enough indicator that it was time to hang it up. I used to get so pumped up for games that I couldn’t sleep the night before. Last year I almost dreaded the games, because I never knew who was going to show up. And even if most of the team showed up, I never knew which team would show up: the Stonecutters who got fired up and played well, or the ones who came out looking bored and disinterested and ready to lose. We should have had a pretty good idea how the season would turn out when we started practicing in March, practiced at least once (usually twice) a week until June, but never had more than 7 guys, not once.

    It was a disheartening end to a fun few years in the league. Good luck to everyone else who is still playing. I hope you playing days in the Roy Hobbs league end in a more satisfying fashion than mine did.

  63. mufftember666 said


  64. mikereiser said

    Jeremy Hogge is trying to get a team I know he would love to have any player from the Stone Cutters. Muffin his # is 219 902 4750. Sott he would love to have you. It would be baseball with stress of running a team. If you still have your non metal spikes you should give him a call. I have been in close work helping him build a team. I also agree that the 08 stone cutters under preformed. You guys had the potential to be great

  65. tonyhurricane said

    I think Cooper said they had at least 5 guys who wanted to play. If only 7 of the guys who were on the Stone Cutters said they did not intend to play this year, that still leaves 6 guys that want to. If you put those numbers together you’ll have 11, and all you need is to get 2 more. Time heals and some of those 7 might have a change of heart and might want to give it another go. Mike is right, you guy were too good to go out like that and have the season end the way it did. Cooper has a pretty good 1,2 punch right now and if you play Scott they will have a pretty good 1,2,3. Hope to see you guys out there

  66. mikereiser said

    I don’t even know if anyone even looks at this site any more but the league was much improved this year with the new teams. We took second against a young team from CP and I just want to know if the Cutters are making a return in 2010 with a year of under ground training

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